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Best Friends

The Adoption Process

When adopting out an animal, we try to ensure that each animal goes into a home that best fits their needs and their personality. For that reason, all potential adopters are asked to fill out an adoption application. We ask basic questions regarding your living situation, the members of your family, and your other pets. We also ask for two personal references as well as a veterinary reference if you have or have had other animals. Please be sure to let your references know that we will be calling! Processing your application usually takes 3-5 business days.


Once your application has been reviewed, you will be informed of our decision regarding the animal you have applied for. If we have multiple applications on any animal, we take all applications into account when making a decision. In some cases, though your application may be approved, another applicant may be selected to adopt that animal. We make this decision based on where we feel that animal would fit best.


All approved applications are kept on file for at least one year, so even if you do decide not to take an animal home today, we will already have your pre-approved application of file in case you decide on another animal in the future.

Adoptions Fees

Deposit is required with application - Cash or Check only

Cats: $120 
Dogs: $200


Our cats are free range and not kept in cages unless they are recovering from vet care or have kittens. 

Most dogs at La Crescent Animal Rescue are placed into foster care upon their arrival - we prefer the more stable and home-like atmosphere of foster homes. If a dog is kept at the shelter, he/she has a private kennel with a bed, blankets and toys. They also have designated volunteers come four times per day to visit, play and go for walks. 

What Your Adoption Fee Includes

  • ​Vaccinations, distemper and rabies are up to date

  • Routine heartworm and flea/tick medication are up to date.
    Animal will be treated for worms, fleas, ticks, and ear mites if needed.

  • Dogs have been tested for heartworm. An agreement must be filled out at the time of the adoption process to continue with the preventative for heartworm at the new owner's expense. 

  • Cats/kittens have tested negative for FIV, feline leukemia, and heartworm. If litter arrives with mother cat, only mom is tested. If litter arrives without mom, one kitten will be tested when age appropriate.

  • Animals are spayed/neutered (over six months old). If your application is approved and the animal you choose is too young to be altered, a down payment will be required to hold him/her until a safe surgery can be performed.

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